Vista Drivers for Chinese USB hubs

Any one knows how to get the Chinese USB hubs to work on Vista?

Work fine on XP but vista fails to even recognize it... any ideA?

^ If you are unable to search it's drivers by manufacturer's name in Google then sell it and buy new one. But remember to test it before buying that new one works in Vista.

I dont think I can 'discover' the company of these hubs

(bought years ago and still work fine on XP.. vista a pain)


Anyways, what are the suitable alternatives... (in a resonable price range... i just need more usb ports for my laptop)

^ Hey, I have almost exactly same hub that I use with an old laptop (that has only one USB port) but it has Windows XP in it.

Yeah, it works fine on Windows XP but on Vista.. unrecognizable.

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Yeah, it works fine on Windows XP but on Vista… unrecognizable.

I never tried on Vista. But did you tried after installing SP1 of Vista?

I heard many things come to life after installing SP1 of Windows Vista. Also it speedup copying files in Vista. Not to mention a lot of bug fixes.

Doesn't work.