Visit my website and be a member

Assalama Liekum people, I just made a new website and request you to visit it and be a member there to stay it alive, Thanks!

The website is :)

Points to noted:

* Get a .COM

* Host on a paid hosting

* Black color scheme gives the idea of under-ground or warez site.

* Reduce the size of main banner.

* Ask yourself: What niche/attraction you have in your website? So that people re-visit it again.

* Don't depend on people, that people will come to your town and inhabits it just for you. People don't gather by just asking "come and join".

This is a friendly review. I hope that it helped you.

I am just doing it for fun not really making a professional website right now. But in future i am going for professional website Inshallah along with some friends. Thanks for suggestion though. :)

I just made some changes to a site. I also added forums to it. And already got 6 members yet. More are welcomed to join and help to build that community :)

Stop sending spam emails to various WP members for joining your site. Further spam will lead to your membership here being terminated.

Umm.. I wouldn't join it. Why should I?