Virus in memory card

I want to know one thing that if there is virus present in a memory card then, if you insert that memory card into your portable device e.g MP3 player/iPod or cell phone, can the virus be able to corrupt the software (Operating System) of that portable device?

My MP3 player started fuctioning abnormally after i inserted a similar card (containing virus) in it. :( . I think the virus present in the mem card was the culprit.

I am waiting for your opinion regarding the issue...

Not likely.

Well virus only effects symbian phones. If you talking about mp3 player. It doesnt have any os and about MIDP 2.0 phones like which has java platform. Virus cant even touch that mobile. There must be something wrong with your multimedia player. Wese bhi nowadays after apple comming out we have seen so many chinese quality mp3 players.

A virus made for windows will only affect windows only, a virus made for SymbianOS will affect SymbianOS only and a virus made for a certain mp3 player will only affect the mp3 PLayer's firmware