Virtual phone number?

i m about to have my first voip for my home but while i was serching i found virtual number for Pakistan and some companies are offering it in 20$/month and other 14$/months no these companies are web based and really dont want to trust them, so very long story short is there Pakistani company who can provide me virtual number for my voip? like brain net? comsat? or any known companies????

Umm BrainNET does, try Skype, I think they can provide you with a number

man brain net is very old company but still crap they are using offline version of form on their web.

i m trying to find some comprehensive information about virtual number but so far useless sites without proper information,

All i wanted connect Linksys SPA 3102 ATA or Linksys WRP400 wireless ATA/Router (SIP Device) to my broadband and have virtual number in Pakistan so my family can ring on local number and i can get rid of expensive internet call charges which is more then 100euro/month

here sites i found can not trust coz i found on google (good company and i know these people but expencive)

are we talking about IT here???