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So we'll use this thread to give any handy stuff we discover about any games.


As I started Batman Arkham Origins, i quickly realized that the f***ing intro videos (the company logos and stuff, not in-game cutscenes) can't be skipped. Normally, it's ok because in most games they're either skippable or just 2-3 short ones which aren't that annoying, but this game has SEVEN of them (5 vids + 2 images), and it takes about a whole minute to watch them all every single time you open the damn game.

Now, i knew there are typically two ways to deal with this situation.

1. Delete/rename the damn video files (have to manually find all the files, and some games refuse to work if they find any missing files)

2. Find a way to disable the videos (my preferred way)

So, after a bit of searching around i found out the second way to disable the damn intro vids.


TL;DR - How to skip Batman Arkham Origins Intro Videos:


1. Make a shortcut to the game exe (BatmanOrigins.exe)

2. Open the properties of the shortcut.

3. Click on Target and write " -nostartupmovies" (without the quotes) right after the link.

4. Click on apply and then ok.

5. Run the game with this shortcut, all intro videos will be skipped and you'll go directly to the flashy game menu.


Enjoy! B)

Tips/Trick/Hacks(They ruin the games you know....)

[quote=“Omicron7, post:2, topic:20471”]

Tips/Trick/Hacks(They ruin the games you know....)


Not always, sometimes they actually increase the fun. B) In the old days such 'hacks' came built-into games, they were called "God-mode". ;)

yep God modes!

Like in sim city 3000 . it was awesome.


as soon as i find someone with the iso, i will definitly skip those movies after watching 1st time, :)


These hacks and tricks as long as it pertains to avoinding crap which the developers forced on us, is fine.. especially in EA games where they have 200 intro logos and i fall asleep before the game even starts.

Cool tip. I'll be sure to use this once it finishes downloading :)

Thanks Upsi

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