Video Reviews of mobile EDGE speed

Most of mobile internet users want to know the exact speed of their EDGE connection on PC. Here I am posting videos of ZoNG EDGE speed tests. Please post the videos of your favourite EDGE connection's speed test.

(01) Website:

Date/Time: 12 May, 2009 @ 9AM

Mobile: Samsung E200

Hardware support: EDGE Class 10 (maximum 236.8 kilobits/sec)

PC Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3

OS: Windows XP

Connection type: USB cable

User Location: Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, PAKISTAN

Distance: 650 miles (between user and testing server)

Server used for test: Wateen Telecom Lahore, PAKISTAN (

ZoNG connection: Cyber Internet Services, PAKISTAN

ZoNG IP address:

Average Download speed: (217+212+207)/3 = 212 kilobits/sec (or 26.5 KiloBytes/sec)

Average Upload speed: (35+35+36)/3 = 35.33 kilobits/sec (or 4.41 KiloBytes/sec)

Average Ping (latency) Time: (1378+1225+1404)/3 = 1335 milliseconds

Below are the video reviews:

So, you can download a 5 MB MP3 file in 3 minutes, a 35 MB video clip in 22 minutes and an 800 MB movie in about 503 minutes (or 8 hr 23 min).

(02) Website:

Date/ Time: 12 May, 2009 @ 7PM to 9PM (peak hours)

Average Download speed: (219+218+211)/3 = 216 Kilobits/sec (or 27 KiloBytes/sec)

Average Upload speed: (51+49+57)/3 = 52.33 Kilobits/sec (or 6.54 KiloBytes/sec)

Below are the videos:

It is interesting to note that recorded better upload speed than site, although all other parameters were same.

My Zong Speed:

Downloading: upto 26 KiloBytes/sec

Uploading: upto 16 KiloBytes/sec