Vfone Vista Drivers

Hey guys, i want to connect to the internet using the ZTE FWT that PTCL has provided but alas it does not have vista drivers on the disk and google isnt returning anything. I was told there was a method where we had to manually make the dialler and setup the drivers but im not sure about that.

CAn anybody please help me?

Vfone ZTE FWT has vista drivers. I have used it and its vista drivers were working fine.

If you want then i can upload the drivers for you.

One more thing i noticed is that Vfone new Huawei sets has also vista drivers but it comes without any driver cd, the drivers are built into the set, means when u first time connect the phone with PC it detects a USB mass storage drive and installs the drivers from it and then it detects the modem. This thing is really new and hassle free.

Please upload them sfarrukh for i could not find them myself. This set is about a years old and alas the Huawei set wasnt available then but glad to know ptcl is working on the driver situation with their hardware partners

I have sent you link via the email option.

plz check your email.

plz upload huawei drivers for vista

or else send me here saadmalik88@gmail.com

I don't have huawei drivers, but i will look if i can find it.


@ Scrinner:

Did the drivers i uploaded work for you?

HI sorry for the extremely late response. Was busy visiting places and etc. Eid Mubarak to you :)

No, while it did work for my cousins laptop with vista on it, I forgot I am running 64 BIt vista myself and that was why the CD refused to install drivers i guess. So now im forced to using internet on my brothers computer with XP on it :(

I have got old Huawei set, I used to install the XP drivers that came in CD for Windows Vista also. Used to work fine. Not sure about 64bit version though.

i have 32 bit but those xp drivers are not working on vista, can u plz uplaod the ones u have.