VB6 Programmer?

Is any one interested to work as a programmer in visual basic 6?? Or do you know some one who is?? This is a half time job (9AM to 1 PM)

Forgot to mention that the candidate should be

1. From Lahore (closer to Allama Iqbal Town will help)

2. Male

My VB6 is bit rusty, not that much. I still can write in VB6. My knowledge level for Windows programming is very advance (mostly C/C++, Delphi, using direct Win32 APIs) and in VB6 it is bit quite very advance. I had done many things in VB6 that even most advanced people (in international community) thinks not possible or difficult to do in VB6 (like controlling and upgrading firmware of devices connected via USB and lots of other things).

But I am not in Lahore, I am in Rawalpindi. :(

This isn't a valid software question.

You want to find a guy, then go to rozee.pk.