Using two Diffrent Dsl connections on one computer

I want to use two Diffrent Dsl connections on one computer at same time on diffrent browsers.?

I have (XP PRO)

I have 2 DSL service connections on 2 different phone lines. (PTCL and LinkDotNet)

I have 2 modems, one for each connection (Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem and Azatec Adsl modem).

with 2 NICS

Setup is as follows:

NIC 1 LAN - Ip, Gateway ,

Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem is conented to NIC 1

NIC 2 DSL IP Gateway

Azatec Adsl modem is conented to NIC 1

i am not asking about

(Combining Bandwidth or Load Balancing two connections).

I want to be able to run one browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) to utilize the 1 DSL connection and run a different browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox) to utilize the the bother DSL connection.

What I'm *not* clear about, is how to tell each browser which connection to use.

i have used Dsl and cable connection (cable was isa server client) like this last year but now i want to us 2 dsl connections

please help me how to do it? do i need a software to do that?

Thank You

u have to install 2 Windows for Each dsl connection