Using cell phone as flash light


I find myself using my mobile phone as a flash light at night (or whenever its dark), in home and in the car. Happens more with load shedding. Once a friend lost his glasses outside and I used my phone to find them :)

Some phones actually have a flash light built in (such as the new Nokia 1202, a low cost phone). I wonder how popular is this feature and are there others who use the phone as a convenient source of light?



i don't use mobile phones, but my cigg lighter... which has built in light in it. My phone doesn't have light in it, otherwise i could have used it as my basic light needs...!

Kewl topic by the way


I use W810i..The built in flash light is the best one I have seen in a cell phone so far..Its really helpful.. Especially was helpful during the dark long shedding days..

You can be anywhere..And the light goes off..Even in the marriage halls and hotels it takes 3-6 seconds for the backup generator to kick in..


In some Nokia Phones there is a LED but LED only on when we take picture like N70.

There is a application named Flashlight. That is only for that kind of function.


^in Nokia 6600 as well


I have heard that Nokia people put the flash light feature after doing research in rural India. It is part of the new phone series they have launched.



Yea often use my iphone as a flashlight. Ive got the flashlight app, its not as bright as you would see with some other phones that actually have a flashlight builtin but the light does spread more coz of its huge screen :-)


i have 2 phones k800 and w810.Both dont have flash Light but you can always use a flashlight app that F#**s u* your phone


yes i use


For the K790/800/810, there's a flashlight program that lights up the red/orange LED. I use that. And it does the job fairly well (of course, it's not white)


i use my Nokia 3230's backlight when i am on my way to start the generator :D, its no floodlight but enough for that purpose


I use my x-ray vision at night. Not to mention my infamous Abbas-1000-yard-stare to watch through walls and stuff. No mobile phone needed.


Well I Have Samsung Guru100 a.k.a (Samsung B100) And Its Got Builtin Torch And Its Good...I Always Use It When Light Goes...


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i don’t use mobile phones, but my cigg lighter… which has built in light in it. My phone doesn’t have light in it, otherwise i could have used it as my basic light needs…!

Kewl topic by the way


U mean tht 4 avoid to use of mobile as flash light, we start smoking and keep liter wah wah sajnu join now!