Did anyone use usenet?Heard its the fastest way to download files?Share few lines about it.

^ I guess you are talking about the Usenet an 'Internet discussion system'

If so.... then

yes it's related to fast downloads.

I didn't use it ever but have read a lot of articles on it.

i think it's tough for me to give detail about it (it's a large one to describe or understand). but I think it's a very nice topic for one to have knowledge atleast about it. may be some others also have knowledge about it. or even have experience of using it.

I recently collected some use full links.

What is it

How to

some of the widely used providers

please intrupt me if you were talking about some thing else.

Yeah I was too asking about it, I have read somewhere that usenet is more older than internet,one doesn't need seeds, peers for it , the download remains at one constant place but you have to pay for the server :D ..yeah its good if someone share about it.. their experience about it.

well, you can try it for free for 2 weeks ... I did and it was awesome ...everything and anything was available ...

Its too hard,I thought handling bittorrent software is a hard job but usenet readers sucks even more :D

I have heard about usenet often but i still don't understand exactly how it works. From what i understand files are uploaded on a server, other servers copy these files from that server and this way a user who has access to any server can access these files. It seems efficient way of transferring popular stuff but in case of unpopular stuff it wastes a lot of bandwidth what i don't understand is where does the content originate, can anyone with access to usenet upload stuff there ? Since most of these servers are owned by ISPs, why do they not block newsgroups that contain pirated stuff ?

Is there any cheap way to get access to usenet (~$10 for 10 gb is too much)


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why do they not block newsgroups that contain pirated stuff ?

I guess no one will pay like 10$ only for reading text articles over there. and every one wants to earn more. so they have to give it.

Torrents are good, stick to it..usenet is a headache nothing else :D

I will highly recommend DONT TRY USENEXT even for a trial,bcz trail version is free and dont have uninstall exe and there is nothing special speed,how can we get more download speed than our connection limit using this software ?

Usenext have its own search engine like eMule,LimeWire and some more prb i faced with this may be this is the reason i dont like.

yup for most of us pakistani users, i think finding a good torrent should be enough. good torrents easily fill a 4MBps conduit

Download anything using torrent.

Usenext require log in and many more other things but torrents are full free.

Download utorret.go to

search seed.Download most seeded torrent.Many seeders,fast downloading speed.