Used w810i for sale


Salam walaikum.

I have a w810i with everything original. Perfect condition. No fault as of yet. Used it a whole year. Warranty is expired and ya it is khulla huwa pice but not rrepaired, I opened it myself to change its casing. So anyone interested??


So tell me your bids......




3500 From my side

Location Karachi


What? man i'm not selling it for 5000 here. I have 5k oofers. That is insult. Modders please delete the thread i don't wana sell =p


They offered you . So if you do not want to sell , just refuse rather than getting offended. I do not think so the moderator will delete such threads cause it is not an insult.


Firstly you had left it on the members to bid.. secondly a opened phone is always a risk.

anyways.. no offence.. good luck :)


nah man im not offended. Kool. I know. Opened cell. ANyways it is opened but personally i opened it just to change cassing.


your demand ? :)


hmmmmm atleast 5000 Rs.


but as u said u already got dat lol


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

but as u said u already got dat lol

Ya… but deal nahi bnaye abhi tak so bit is still open.


Post pictures of your phone.


Hmmmmmmm well wait I will Post it today


please contact this guy , he is interested in buying the phone