Used Cell phones for Sale

1 x Nokia 1110i + Charger 900 Rs

1 x Nokia 1110 + Charger 1100 Rs

Neither phone has any remaining warranty, though both have been in mine or my family's use till recently so I know they function all well. Both were used as second phones.

1 x Motorola V3i + Charger + 1GB micro SD card. + Chinese Handsfree 2000 Rs

(No sound in set speaker, works in speakerphone and handsfree)

(Strip problem, replacement costs 400~500 rs from dubai plaza).

Reason for selling: They are just lying around. Might as well be of some use to someone.

Location: Islamabad.

Mode of Payment: Cash / Bank

Contact: Ali 0300 5119111. SMS before calling in the day (due to work)