Use of e-mail against govt to be checked

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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched a campaign against the people involved in spreading ill-motivated and concocted stories through e-mails and text messages against the civilian leadership, interior ministry sources said here on Sunday.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has directed the relevant agencies to assist the FIA to counter such anecdotes against the political government, the sources maintained. A similar campaign has also been initiated against the proscribed organisations using the Internet for malicious propaganda against security forces.

The director general FIA has been instructed to monitor and check these stories and messages and take necessary action under the Cyber Crime Act. Strict action is being taken against all the culprits in the next few days as the FIA has already done a lot of work on it. Simultaneously, Interpol/Lyon has also been requested to identify those e-mail addresses and websites registered abroad which are being used for such stories.

It is pertinent to mention here that under the Cyber Crime Act, the violators can be punished for 14 years of imprisonment besides confiscation of property. Any Pakistani living abroad and violating the provisions of the Cyber Crime Act can also be charged under the Act and is liable for deportation to Pakistan. All Internet Service Providers shall be checked physically by the FIA on daily basis, the sources concluded.

APP adds: Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Sunday that a special centre had been set up to investigate and take action against offensive e-mails and SMS. Talking to a private TV channel, he said: "We have set up a special centre where people can report offensive e-mails and SMS and we will apprehend the offender within 48 hours.“

The minister said this campaign was started about two weeks ago and had only been made public now. “We have received numerous complaints about offensive e-mails and SMSs and have also arrested a man from Azad Kashmir, who was spreading damaging e-mails against our security officials,” Malik said.

“We have marked some websites that are based abroad and our teams will be paying a visit to these countries soon. The Interpol too will be helping us, as the whole world is united against cyber crime,” he said. “People can also register their complaints at” he added.



beware!! ;)

firestorm i am borrowing your signature to express my opinion on this article "blah blah blah blah" lol

And I totally support K2munda's point of view on this too!

Me too, if i'll comment i'll be punished for 14 years and my assets ceased!

So, blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah.


Today's newspaper:

موجودہ نظام صدارتی ھے نہ پارلیمانی، بلکہ چوں چوں کا مربہ ھے

Prime minister.

Now speak for your self if pm says this why wont people abuse them and send sms, e-mail like that!

No more Zardari jokes :)

Beware people! 14 years of jail with confiscation of all property just for few jokes against "civilian leadership". Looks like Bilawal must have read those "jokes" and "communities on social networks" and must have told the his daddy to take necessary actions :|

Hail Civilian Government!

Hail Democracy!

Hail Freedom of Speech!

Break the law. It is meant to have a chilling effect on our free speech. Zardari kee maa kee...! (There I just broke the law! Mr. Rehman Malik. Do what you will.)

Please join this group, and invite others to join as well.

I will break the rule IF i say something myself... BUT i wont break the rule if i say x2.

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Zardari kee maa kee...!


This is what we call civil dictatorship!

I won't say x2

i would say x10000!

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Please join this group, and invite others to join as well.


lol just joined that

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lol just joined that


Since the forum does not allow political discussion of this sort, I can foresee this topic going down very soon. Let’s continue the related discussion on this FB page. Again, invite people in large numbers, and do change your Facebook DP to join the e-rally against this idiotic “law”.

Can they check our e-mails ?

Did any mobile company objected to SMS of their users being monitored ?

^ SMS have been under monitoring for months.

By law Pakistani government make companies to keep record for 6 months SMS, telephone calls and emails. This is not new, it is being done for years. Big brother always has an eye on YOU :)

So beware of the Situation now!

But one thing is not understandable by my mind that how they can track millions of cellular and internet users about violation of that provision...?

Comments plz!

lol why should we beware..? Freedom of speech is our fundamental right, and by implementing this unusual law, the government wants to curb those who are practicing this right and being critical about their performance.. Don't just sit on your bum and let them snatch away your rights that. Resist!

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So beware of the Situation now!

But one thing is not understandable by my mind that how they can track millions of cellular and internet users about violation of that provision…?

Comments plz!


all they have to do is search for Zardari and some bad words in each sms, which should be extremely easy. There is no way they can punish everyone who breaks this law, it would be interesting to see who they choose to punish.

If this law is to protect Zardari i am with this law guys come one why u guys always curse him you know if u have some courage or dare go to court to prove he is crimnal or stop acting like stupids do something to prove him guilty or stop all this nonesense. Answere me a simple question how you will feel if bunch of people spread some sms about ur father or any other family member with any evidance gys i am fed up of this non sense about zardari go to courst if any one of you have any moral sense or quiting acting like you are ganga nahaya howa :(

We are all young IT related people, and our fellow young people are right now in IT departments in all the cellular, internet companies.

Explain me how tough and/or interesting it will get if all these young brats align together and form a firewall to this recent act of bravery from the govt.

After all 40mbps express his inner true feelings.

Bravo ! and Salut! for 40 mbps.

Asad you should make him a "Santari Badsha" as you are Tulla of the Forum. :)

Bhayyo.. :) have a look at this blog post:

MUST SEE amazing search suggestions respect of Mr. President, they can't hide truth.

Jokes are good and bareable but vulgar language should not be used against anyone.

Vulgar SMS, EMAIL messages and pictures should not be sent against anyone.

If we hate them or their policies, it is another issue but to go for such an extent in sending and spreading vulgar things against anyone is not good and also a sin from social and religious point of view.