USB Flash Memory "drive letter problem."

since past one year or so i have abandoned CD/DVD as i personally think they are obsolete, even for windows fresh install i used USB Flash Memory to do that (bootable OS image on USB flash), anyway one problem i got and if anybody could help me with... my main hard disk has 3 partitions

C: system

D: personal files 01

E: personal files 02

so when i connect flash drives so it allocates next available letters F: G: and so on, i keep one personal folder on my local hard disk and copy of the same folder on USB Flash and i use folder sync program to keep both synchronized, now if i have only one USB flash connected so obviously it will alway have drive letter F: and i can save settings on sync program like D:---> F: but if i already have one USB Flash connected F: and then i connect another one which contains my sync folder then my syc folder drive letter becomes G: and then i have to change the settings manually on the sync program to G: from F:, so is there any way i can make my USB Flash drive set to specific drive letter lets say R: so everytime i put that USB flash driive which contains my sync folder always show up as R: when connected so i won't have to chang setting again and again if there are more than one US flash are connected etc thanks

Which windows are you using? (95, 98, 2000, Xp, Vista, Seven)


i am using WINDOWS XP PRO SP3

Ok do this.

Start > Control Panel (classic view) > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.

After that, do as the pictures say.












It took me alot of time printscreening, saving, editing & then uploading.

Dont forget to thank me! :)