Urgent Need Sms Counter For N73


Can Any One Give Me The Sms Counter For Nokia N73...I Need It.. Pls SomeBody Provide Me A Sms Counter If There Iz Any Counter...


What is sms counter? The phone itself keeps track of how many messages there are in inbox.

Here you go.

It will track all your sms and missed calls excetra!! Great application.

Used it on my N73 a year ago and was very satisfied.


If the download link on this website get currupts or you find some errors just download from some other sources or google "download remindme n73"



But its not the full version..where can i find its register version

^ Google is your friend, Try searching on google.

@ asad he is asking about how many msgs he has sent , and there should b a msgs counter in the phone to know how many msgs he has sent