Urgent help please

i was defragmenting my hard drive

as u know tht the hard disk tables are rewriten in this process

light went off

light came and my c is not there...

now i want some software with which i can recover whole partition

i hav not touched tht partition yet.......

i have very important file and i want them back....

please help early........

- Which Windows are you running?

- Were you using Windows default Defrag?

- Does the BIOS tells you that there is no drive to boot?

- Do you get Windows boot-menu?

- How far Windows boot before it break or tells you that volume C: is unmountable?

- Is it FAT or NTFS?



No winoptimizer dfrag2

there was a read error from c: i started windows setup and it showed c: partiton as empty

no the whole c: is dead

in the very bigining an error comes sying read error press ctrl alt del to restrt and again same ting


partition managers can recover partitions. Try paragon partition manager. Also there are software to recover whole partitions. you can google it.

Use Easy Recovery Pro v6.

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Use Easy Recovery Pro v6.

Yes, i think it will solve ur problem.

the partions get corrupted sometimes mostly due to overheating and these electric fluctuations..... i recovered the partitions many times with partition magic..... i am sure many softs can do it

The same thing happened with me as well, although I wasn't defragmenting or anything. Just my comp was on and loadshedding happened! :(

I don't quite remember but I am pretty sure, the error was related to corrupt partition tables. My c: drive was not being recognized and although I tried everything, I couldn't get it to load. I was about to format my hard drive through windows xp cd but I ran the repair console to see if I could do anything. Upon looking at the options in the recovery console, I stumbled across scandisk app and upon running it, my pc went back to normal! :D

Try it and hopefully your problem will be solved.

or may be chkdsk could help

the recovery console has 'fix mbr' command too.

^ Yup, am talking about chkdsk. :P

ok guys npw my prob has got a new shape

i formatted the c: as it was required to install a new window in any partition...

now i think my lost tables are not able to get back but

can you suggest me a software with which i can get back whole folders not just files

tht software should recover whole folders and data within them.......

TuneUp Undelete. It has that option you want.


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i formatted the c: as it was required to install a new window in any partition…


That is now just impossible. By formatting you have destroyed Master File Table and the only thing you can recover now is files, not folders.

^ :/ Folders can still be recovered.

^ no you can't recover folder. But you can recover files in the respective folders where they were deleted. So a file c:\ab\ab.txt will be recovered and out into c:\ab if its recoverable.


Official website http://www.recuva.com/

It's a freeware and legal software. It does work and gives very good results. But use it on your own risk. :)

test disk

U know i hav had this dilemma many times, that my partition goes bad. or some virus makes it infected.. so i format it with frustration. and i alwayz loose valueable data.

i has happened atleast 5 times in the past. and i cant , just cant get my data back.

i know u r telling him all the softwares that can recover the files. but still i think if the partion is

formated, than there is almost no chance of recovering data...thats my opinion.

^ You may recover your files on 2 conditions

1. You performed a quick format

2. After quick format or deletion you didn't use the file space that was deleted.

When you delete a file, a '?' is placed in the first letter of the file in the FAT (File Allocation Table), it does not actually deletes the file from hard disk (ever wondered why deleted is so fast :P ) so it does not show in explorer. To delete a file completely we use shredders.

Similar thing happens when you perform a quick format, which gives a new FAT to the drive but the files are still there in the drive i.e. they are not deleted.

If you have performed the above two operations and didnt copied or moved or defragment your drive, there is a good chance your data can be recovered.


but he overwrote the data as he installed windows on the partition