Urdu books for $ 1

[Link Deleted] A Revolutionary Internet Book Shop containing a large

collection of quality books in Urdu .The purpose of this website is to

provide people access to knowledge/literature in a cost effective manner

You can get Each and Every Book here on this website for $1 ONLY! . Yes

Its True, for $1 you can get any Urdu Book downloaded immediately into

your computer.

No More Wait for Book by arrive by post or to waste your time in traffic

to reach any bookshop.

Are these books legal? You are selling these scanned books for $1 then are you paying royalty to authors? I don't think so.

Reporting to mods on plausible pirated books.

Do you have the writers permission ?

1 $ means 80 Pakistani rupees!

should be selling legal books i think.

^ they are not selling books. They give you a access to there download section where you can download the books may be in PDF format after paying 1$. But what is important if they have the writers permission.

onlu Urdu,no English!!!

1 $ = 80 Pakistani rupees for one PDF Urdu book... Not so bad, but again "Do they have the writers permission?"

Rolf.. Writers permission.. We are living in Pakistan, Most of the books which are sold are pirated anyway :P

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Rolf… Writers permission… We are living in Pakistan, Most of the books which are sold are pirated anyway :P

But it is not a thing to be proud of.

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No, but i only buy pirated cd/dvd when original cd/dvd is not available nearby my home.


Seriously? :o

I havent seen original cd’s anywhere in karachi where do you get them from ?

^ lol yeah. We have XP and vista original CDs available here but who want to buy them?

It seems your website contains pirated material which violates copyright laws. If this is not the case, you can contact the admin team directly. Till then this thread is closed.