UPS + Installation

Though there are already too many UPS threads, but here I would like to have contacts nos.

well I would be running 4 ceiling fans and 4 energy savers, I need power backup for 2 hours

and im in I-10 Islamabad

please give me the contact no. of someone who can get me a branded UPS like homage with battery and install it too

or contact no. of someone who can do the installation if I provide him with UPS and battery



buy a chinese generator

it wud cost u ~21000rs for 2500kVA

and it wud run very smoothly on GAS

and will be more reliable than UPS as it is able to run any thing on them except AC..

i have seen many people running these GENSETS since very long without any probs...

UPS suck.. especially LOCAL UPS

and sure u cant afford a high tech good company like APC ups

if u can afford a good APC ups then u can also afford a good standby genset... :)

Why people give so negative remarks against Desi UPS i Bought 500 watts ups back in 2003 is still working now but no more in use from 2 years because of low power load so brought another 1800 VA= 1100 Watts working excellent once had a problem with Transformer and replaced free of cost. MASHALLAH. IT gives 2-2.5 Hours back up time 1 year old battery --Exide NS-195

Load 450 watts 29'' LG TV

Monitor 150 Watts

2 Ceiling Fans= 160-200 watts

3 Energy Savers 18 Watts

Some times i aslo run CPU with My MerCury Computer UPS which is also connected through Desi UPS. then it gives me 1.5-2 Hous.

Yeah Genset bhuat Zarrori hai when Loadshedding of 14-15 hours ups pucked up u definitely need a Genset .

So i also Bought a Chinese A class Genset LONCIN 5 KVA= 5000 Watts

plz dont start a UPS vs Generator debate here....I just need contact no. of someone who provides Homage UPS and installs them

P.S. : Im in Islamabad

I don't know who refers people to Homage UPS. I would STRONGLY suggest anyone not to go for Homage UPS as they TRULY suck. They probably might be the worst UPS on the shelves. I experienced Homage UPS and i would NEVER go for it. Mercury Radiant Inverter UPS is a HUNDRED times better.

Omer, try and find someone who is selling Mercury Radiant Inverter 1000. It will cost you around 9000. Just in case you want it, i am selling it as well. Check my link:

P.s. Whatever you buy, DON'T buy a Homage. That's my personal suggestion.

Good luck! :)