Ups- battery

Assalam u Alaikum,

Recently my ups's battery goes out of commision & my technician asked me to get the new one (UPS is working perfectly fine). Here, I need a help to which brand i choose. I'm giving my daily usage and also the schedule of loadshedding. Plz advice me the brand of the battery which i would buy.

Loadshedding time:- 2.5hrs * 3 = 7.5 hrs a day.. Duration between loadsheeding is 2.5hrs

Power reqiurement:- 3 fans & 3 savers (25 watts approx)

Today i visited some battery shops. I want to get the Exide battery but the one shopkeeper said that Exide is most pathetic NOW. And he advice me to buy the AGS of NS-190. cas its perfect for ups & also inline with my daily usage. 2nd shopkeper said that he he only deals in Exide. I'm CONFUSED

I want to get an advice of which type of batery i choose keeping in mind the duration with my daily usage. THANKS

Plz name the brand and also its number. (NS)

Im thinking of getting NS-200..

Go For AGS

AGS.. the biggest size you can afford..

@ Member thnks.... can u plz advice me what NS number best suits me while keeping in mind my requirements.

@farhan thnks... also mention the NS no.

I will pick AGS from authorized dealer who will also offer some money for my old (died) battery.

Note that 3 fans and 3 energy savers is not a lot of load

You should follow one rule of thumb when selecting battery capacity.

For Every 100 Watts of load, 20Ah from the battery will be consumed.

Battery will also need some time to recharge. Most of the UPS will charge your battery @ 10Ah rating.

Your Scenario


3x Fans (approx 100 Watts each) = 300 Watts

3x Savers ( 25 watts each) = 75 Watts

Total Consumption = 375 Watts. hr

From UPS for 1 hr = 75Ah

Your Load shedding time 2.5 h = 187.5 Ah

As you can see the largest battery available might be around 200Ah an your each load shedding time requirement for 2.5hrs is 187.5 Ah

So your ultimate solution might not be to get a battery for your UPS and opting for a small to medium size generator will be a lot smarter option in a longer run and keep in mind that battery prices will keep on shooting every time you are out there to buy a new one there will be a difference of Rs. 3000-5000.