UPS & Battery selection, usage and safety instructions


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Blogger…can u solve my problem plz…i bought a new AGS battery GX 200F…when dealer was pouring electrolyte he checked specific gravity and it was 1.22, i asked this needs to be 1.25 he said yes once u charge it fully it will be 1.25 or 1.28…i brought battery home and also bought a hydrometer…now it like been three weeks…when i check specific gravity when battery is fully charged shown by homage inverter the specific gravity of 5 cells is 1.20 and one cell below 1.20…whats the problem battery seems to work…and it gave me 4 hours backup on core i3 desktop with graphics card so watts of deskitop is more than 200 gave 4 hour backup and was still going??? so what the problem one cell which shows specific gravity very low also seem to have a little oil on the surface) like when u pour two or 3 oil drops on water)…what ur experience say about this?


When battery is fully charged, its specific gravity should be 1.265-1.280. There are many possible reasons for your problem:

- Charger is cutting off charging earlier.

-One cell which shows relatively less specific gravity is readily degrading in quality.

-Dealer has not prepared electrolyte with distilled water.

-The ratio of water and sulphuric acid in electrolyte is incorrect.


Hello Pathfinder

It seams like one of the cell of your battery has some problem. I recommend taking your battery to the dealer. I faced the same problem that one cell of my OSAKA battery weekend after 9 months and it disturbed the whole system. At last I had to replace the battery.

For such kind of poor UPSs in Pakistan in which the charging method of battery is "Constant Current" type not the fully automatic, DRY BATTERY can not be used as i require a spacial charging algotithm. In most of the UPS aplications, Lead Acid batteries are used.


Can anyone please tell me that why it is recommended to use Neutral and Phase separately in UPS fittings?


ATLAST my OSAKA IPS 185 battery gave up,B***h died of cardiac arrest suddenly, 7months few months old battery.DO NOT ever buy volta's maintenance free battery or else you will end up crying for the money you wasted on this piece of trash.


in the most layman terms

because using the phase (live) and ground on the same single wire will lead to poor quality of electricity . and that is why fan dimmers get damaged soon. .. also standard wapda electricity is on 2 wires for a reason, to complete flow of electricity through a circuit.,so why shouldnt a ups be used on 2 wires.?

just imagine if your mobile phone had earpiece and mouth piece in one , instead of being 2 separate things.. :P it would work, but would be very impractical.