Uploading.com&Uploadbox.com Solution?

Guyz! Tell me something! are you all really able to download even one single file from uploading.com or uploadbox.com? And if yes! then, you are lucky and, if you are not, then, how come no one has not come up with any solution for it? And, if any alternative to it is available, then how come I am not being told about it?

No, I have been crying for one file which is kept on uploading.com, but every time, I try, it says something like [the daily downloading traffic for your country is exceeded] and, naturally, I am not going to buy anything like gold, silver etc,. account or membership, what ever, all must be knowing this by now.

man use rapidleech somwhere..

or use some proxy site to download it

Will I not be caught with a proxy?

proxies are for not being caught...

I am trying,..,,,, I'm going to let you know.....Thanks

What rapidleech server are you using these days?

make ur own...

make my own???? I wish I was that good in computers and softwares.....anyway, i found this one.....Pobieraj.co.cc Pobieraj z rapidshare, megaupload i innych stron bez limitów!