Unlimited Rapidshare Downloading 100% working



Rapidshare Download Manager for Free Users

This is a program that downloads a queue of Rapidshare links.

1) Just add them or use the paste function.

2) Select the folder to download to.

3) Sit back and watch it download automatically


Queue Autosave

Advanced error-handeling

Paste Function Improvment

Minimize to tray function

Change directory in the Queue

Autoexecute in the Queue

Preffered download server

Add a Rapidshare linklist

the next functions you can find in the menu under Config => Options...

An autoexecute function

Scheduler was moved to the config screen

Balloon Notification

Start Downloading on startup

Start minimized

Choose the retry timeout


download dotnet framework here


@ aqee_se

Think of devil and devil is here. :D

Dear aqee_se, you were talking about to build a RapidShare Download Manager. Look here, a competitor to your RapidShare Download Manager :)


^where is ur other option ?

yes thats a download manager only

@ TeraBite

aqee_se had suggested in a thread (link below) that he is planning to create a RapidShare Download Manager with all goodies :)

Thread: http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=3918

these things work for once out of 100 attempts

I think premium a/c is not that costly

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these things work for once out of 100 attempts

I think premium a/c is not that costly


I agree that using a paid account is much more better and legal.

Using these softwares is illegal because of infringement of service agreement of RapidShare.

but spending money on premium accounts is a thing to consider!!!!:|

new version added. guarantee 100% working. Just Give a Try

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but spending money on premium accounts is a thing to consider!!!:expressionless:

Using RapidShare is a thing to consider :D

I rarely use it. Last time I used RapidShare was when I was at my friend’s home on his PC. I wanted to install PowerShell to run my script (from USB flash) but my friend didn’t have PowerShell. His Windows was not legitimate that’s why I can’t download PowerShell directly from Microsoft. I goggled it and downloaded it from RapidShare.

This was like months ago.

same here....ruhan gave me one month premium account and only during that duration I used rapidshare!!!!:|

you need dotnet 2.0 to make it work. it works very well, without premium u can enjoy downloading from rapidshare

one of my friend is a hacker and he hacked many unlimited download premium accounts of rapidshare...he was kind enough to share those accounts wid me :lol: but damn he is no more a friend of mine so using free rapid account these days :(