Universe cineplex cinema in seaview, karachi has some stupid rules

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i dont think most of the movies are “FAMILY MOVIES”


for those movies , families dont go to watch !


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these stupid rules are everywhere in Karachi. Tell me a decent place where you can go visit without family.

cafe piyaala :P

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So now you know where all the rich 'n famous are hiding,

while you stand in line at Prince and Bambino for your

"Gallery" ticket and Naswar Khan breathes down your neck.


lol, reminded me of a guy, who was breathing all over my neck today while i was waiting in queue to get my Transformers 2 ticket at Cinepax, Pindi this evening :}

…and at the dudes in hi-fi booze clubs … well i can only say one thing … “سب لکشمی کا کمال ھے بھایی لوگ”

Pakistan really needs get out of ignorance... this is a perfect example as to why pakistan can't seem to grow up... its really annoying... I mean c'mon a cinema only for families... it is probably the stupidest thing ever... and the concept of family here is not two brothers going to see a movie, you just need to have a chick with you... so if a guy goes in with a hooker all dressed up and just calls her his sister... it's ok...dumb, dumb, dumb...lol

And who goes to the cinema to watch megan fox show off her hot bod with family, I mean c'mon.... and whats wrong with staring... why do girls become uncomfortable.... i mean if chicks and guys were to mingle in a normal fashion and just be a part of the society as they r supposed to be it wouldn't be awkward for the chicks, and guys won't act like complete pervs.... but we do have q screwed up society, yes... but it doesn't mean we have to promote such stupidity by such stupid acts... if u really wanna do it at least be intelligent about it... not completely restrict ppl... thats just disrespectful... there should be equality in everything.... a lack of it is just a sign of ignorance...