Unable to Excess Hotmail

hi all wats up?...PTCL has improved quite a bit though..now i am one of the satisfied customers...anyways im having this prob not on my PC but on those whom i've shared internet wid....Hotmail specially the inbox is easily excessed on my PC and on some other shared PC's but on few the inbox page takes ages to load but wen it gets loaded it says page could not be opened or such errors....how to resolve this...? is it due to their counterfeit version of Windows or wat...? kindly help...

Hellooooo...wats wrong guys...?

you will be never able to 'Excess' hotmail :rolleyes:


How are you connected to the internet? And how have you shared the connection to other computers?

If you are using a router to share the internet then tell me what is the MTU you have set in the router? I had the same problem as you, No microsoft websites were opening, Msn wasnt signing in and hotmail wasnt opening.. I changed the MTU to 1492 and it started working fine.

yeah i've shared internet through router.....the only thing tht cant be Accessed is the hotmail signinng in page...let me check this MTU setting thingy...

my MTU is by default set to 1500 is it okay? ....or should i set it to 1492...??????????reply must n hurry...

Set it 1492 as i said before.

well , sharing is not caring in this case , hahhaha..!