Ufone Uconnect Service

Today, Ufone has announced the launch of a very interesting service named UConnect. The service allows you to use your cellphone to control several activities on your PC. In addition to remote PC access the service combos Push-Email-over-SMS as well. It may sound a bit complex but in my initial experience I find the service very easy-to-use. No downloads and installation required on phone, no complex configurations, no issue of proxies and firewalls on your pc, in short, if you have data enabled phone, it’ll work just fine. Following is the list of main features of UConnect:

Remote file access: You can access the files on your PC remotely. No download required on your phone and it all works on the mobile-browser.

Remote access to your Outlook emails: Access your MS-Outlook emails on the go using the mobile-browser

PC control: Allows you to restart, shutdown, hibernate, sleep and log off your machine.

Multiple PC remote access: Above three features can be used on more than one PCs

Push Email: Sends you SMS and Wap-Push notifications for every incoming email and you can configure up to 5 email accounts with it. You can even use it on a non-smart phone.

512 MB web-space: Each user will be allocated 512 MB space on the server.

How to subscribe?

Simply SMS SUB to 292 to sign up for the service.

How it works

You can access the service on the phone by visiting http://uconnect.ufone.com on their mobile browser. Once signed up you can login and configure push email from here.

You can download UConnect client software to be installed on your PC from http://uconnect.ufone.com that allows remote access on your phone.

I wonder if the Push email service offered here is similar to "Telenor's SMS Email"?

Does any body know about ufone's uconnect?


please guide me , how can i use and activate this service?

I think we can get black berry services using this uconnect service. "Telenor's SMS Email" is just limited to the Send mail, here we can compose, read, reply , replyall , forward, and delete our emails.

Even we can control our PC remotely using our mobile phone.

Please dear Sani tell me the way how can i activate this service.? I want to make fool my brother that i can shutdown, restart my system without touching the keyboard or mouse.