Ufone SmartCode - One of the Most needed service

now ufone has launched its one of the best and most needed service in Nowadays to protect your privacy

its called SMART CODE

using this service u can get uload on your ufone number without even disclosing your number to the shop keeper....

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Ufone Smart Code

Ufone Smart Code safeguard the privacy of the customers against misuse of MSISDN upon Uload recharge.

Ufone Smart Code Process:

Step 1: Dial *765# from your Ufone

Step 2: You will get a message “Dear Customer! Your ULOAD code to recharge your account is 00012345678”

Step 3: Give the Code to the retailer to load the desired amount in your account

Note: Requesting Ufone Smart Code is free of Cost.


IMO its a great service....

and i think soon others will launch it too soon as a copy of ufone :P


Ufone Tum Hi Tau Hooooo!!

now thats what i call a service seriosly girls realy needed it.

^ You are absolutely rite. You are talking about girls, I would say everyone needs a privacy and such consumer protection rite should be obligatory and PTA should have bound them when they were all introsucing Easy Load.

Other cellular companies should also follow it.

Once again a great service by Ufone. Ufone all the way!!

If other start they will not not copy ufone, if it is copy then why ufone started easy load

Hmm... Nice, but only good for those who use easy load, unlike me.

Really a good service.....

Hmmm ... if this is for 'privacy' ... the people who are concerned can just use a scratch card :\ ...

Good service.

Also check out Ufone's New Service Menu by Dialing *333#.


Friend i wish to know whether or not this code expires after used once ??? if not can we use the same code for multiple uload requests ???

nice Service