Ufone new Postpay Tariffs: Underground News

No more 30 Seconds billing

No more no line rent plan

No more FnF (Friends & Family members)

Free Minutes Spilited into 50% on Ufone and 25% on PTCL 25% Other mobile Operators

1st plan Rs.50, 2nd Rs.250, 3rd Rs.550 so on…

This is not officially announced yet but implemented on request by call

You can get more details by Calling 333 help line

Source http://a.com.pk/2009/02/pakistan/ufone-new-postpay-tariffs/

i dont think Ufone can Become terrible like this , in a moment.

every telco is now on 30 Secs

Such announcements are usually crap

yuronline, you can call 333 and confirm it :)

but still ufone rocks.

I use U1 package so i I m safe

I am a Ufone postpaid customer. so naturally, I visited Ufone customer service center to confirm the news.

I foundout that it's not as bad as you think.

It seems that they've drastically slashed thier rates and are now with the LOWEST rates on postpaid.

Yes, They used to have free minutes that you can use anywhere but there used to be a catch i.e. only airtime was free.

This means that when you call mobilink or ptcl for 10 minutes then only the cost of calling 10 minutes to Ufone will be waived, you'll still have to pay the difference. So effectively I used to get billed with a discount but now the minutes that are stated as free are absolutely free!!! :D

I don't know about you but I actually good about the new packages and have already lodged a request to convert me to U50. :)

how is this an underground news. Ufone postpay packages are there on its website (http://www.ufone.com/postpay_tariff.aspx) . Didnt analyse them as dont concern me but some ufone postpay customers might be able to comment more