Ufone internet settings for pc

I am using ur edge at my phne....i have tried alot 2 use it at my pc....all the settings are detected bt when ever i dial, after the user name is being verified an error comes that is

PPP link control protocol is terminated...

I followed the troublshoot as wel bt of no use and above all....

I have called help line for 8 times and they say within 2 hours u wil receive pc seting details at ur email id....i have given them 3 email id's bt stil dam no mail.....

If any 1 has got settings or can get frm ufone do tel me plz.....

I realy need it n 1 thing mre i used zong frm the same phne 2 cnct thru pc bt there was no prblam at all....

read thoroughly http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=4255

use the search feature there is lot discussion have been done on WP

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@Hafsoo,Dear are you using pc suite???IF yes then connect your phone to your pc with datacable when the pc suite show that the phone is connected go to mobile networking wizard>>>>new connection>>>>manual settings and enter UFONE.PINTERNET IN the apn leave username and password blank then press next and finish the wizard and click on connect.The reason zong was working with the same setting was that zong can work with any APN i hope i helped....I dont think you are using pc suite Just download sony ericcson pc suite and grab a datacable the way i mentioned above is the easiest IMO

@BELLSKAR The thread you posted doesnt make any sense

^sense has to made by your brain.

that was a generic procedure, when you dont know about that you are using any pc software.

and for your kind information I suggested to search the forums as well. there is lot what you suggested any way.

^dude she asked about getting an error when dialing not about some bluetooth laptop crap understand the question first.....and it wasn't helpfull either as the thread starter said and one more thing the thread you mention does not mention ufone ...

well generic procedures dont work here you need specific settings to connect as i mentioned above.

Tell me if any one doesnt know the apn in this

&D2+CGDCONT=1,"IP","apn" how is the net going to connect???

^move to post no 6 http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=70908#p70908

I said that was generic, whether you connect your phone via cable or via bluetooth.

again recommending you to search the forums.

dont get hyper ok.

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Tell me if any one doesnt know the apn in this

&D2+CGDCONT=1,"IP","apn" how is the net going to connect???


OP is using it on the Phone. any ways finding the APN is not that hard.

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Nuff Said

^I said. that makes sense when you use your brain and you know how to do?

PC softwares do that and they were also available in the forums. dont blame others if you don want to use the search feature.

stay with him or her

First of all you havnt mentioned which handset have u got. If you have Symbian set , u can try JoikuSpot Light. If you have an unlimited GPRS data plan in your mobile, then with this application, you can turn your mobile phone into a Wi Fi hotspot. That is, it takes your cell phone connection of GPRS and makes it available to other devices over Wi Fi that seek to connect.So if you have WIFI in your Laptop then you can use it easily.

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^Nice suggestion But don’t Post Links to pirated software In THE FORUM

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^ Time To Get new Glasses I said IN THE FORUMCuz That Guy was Posting Direct Links To RS and MU…Read Before You Type…

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answer: the last above post.

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My phne is w910i

I told my prblm 2 ufone as well....

Wel i have pc suite rite and all the work is automaticaly dne i dnt need 2 do manual setings but still i did them...

Stil there is the same prblm as i ve mentioned that is ppp link control etc etc.

Nw the only option left is 2 add ip address....

The pc suite work is easy 2 do and i have done many times....

well i used ufone edge on my laptop via n-73 for 2 months,,, just called Ufone , they sent an email of settings with snapshots, was not able to enable internet manually .....

but when i saw another attachment it was for Nokia PC Suite .... oh GOD all the thing i have to do is to write just ufone.pinternet in access point and thats it..... worked like a charm.....

never faced any problem while using it ,


the error "PPP Link control protocol was terminated" occurs when you dial using a Dialup Connection and if that connection doesn't recognize the server it is connecting to. so as this is a Dialup Connection made up by your phone's modem then the server is preferably the APN.

the guys above are right normally when you connect to the internet through GPRS via PC-Suite you have to provide the APN in the given interface in the PC Suite. that is easy.

but that actually does the same thing in the background with a Dialup Connection. and once you run via PC-Suite using the APN then it gets set in the advance settings of the related Dialup Connection. and when next time you dial directly from that Dialup Connection, then it works fine.

but for any reason if it goes wrong and you get the the error "PPP Link control protocol was terminated" that means a needed APN has not been set in that dialup connection or the APN set in that is incorrect.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
Wel i have pc suite rite and all the work is automaticaly dne i dnt need 2 do manual setings but still i did them...

then you asked the wrong question. in your opening post. saying "when you dial" means that you dial from a Dialup Connection.

any ways. what you did and what you didn't but you need the right APN to put in either when you dial from a Dialup Connection or connect through the PC Suite.

apn for ufone postpaid is: ufone.internet

apn for ufone prepaid is: ufone.pinternet

edit: best of luck

My pc suite detects it all automaticaly.......apn etc etc.....stil i edited it bt again there is the same error even 2day i did it but not working......the man who called me frm uphne asked me 2 go to phne and modem options and enter all the data....the mail he sent me has no reference of phne and modem options....

Zong didnt show any such error..........and in uphne dis error is not ending.......