Ufone International Call query

Hello everyone,

One of my brother friend uses his ufone connection to make cheap international call (eg india cost 2rs per min)

and when he makes local calls number is +82222.

Can someone please guide me how to avail this cheap service as I have to make international calls to my customers in India,silanka etc and calls are expensive.

And how do I do same with Warid as well.

just add 111 infront of ur number and also u can check for www.waridtel.com for countries.

i know 111 lakin problem is srilanka cost 14.5 rs pm india 9.5 pm he calls in these countries for around 2 rs pm?how

and when he makes local calls his number is +8222222

ask your brother's friend? may be?

Other than that, that uses internet telephony in someway. You pay minimal charges to make PC-to-phone calls all over the world.

woh nahi bata raha....

i think it has somethign to do with internet tele but how he is doing with cell ph i have no idea koi geek nahi kia yahan?

Maybe he is using gprs/edge ?

he ph is 3310 like no gprs transfer anything.

He says he has some code of ufone which allows him to make cheap calls.But if u have some code call should be free or similar rates should apply but rates are different

Heard of this few months back...its a toll free number which you dial to connect to UK's calling card service..then u dial your disired country code and start chatting...calling india from UK is cheap that is why u connect to UK first and it was a toll free number so you dont pay for that...

i think the number is blocked now...

no idea what he is doing but service is not blocked.do you have that number?