Ufone GPRS Help!

Hi all. I just started to use Ufone GPRS from past two days but sucking balance big time. Their website is mentioning that per 1MB will be charged as 15rs. But when i just use GPRS for chating for only 10 mins or so. They totally charge me 5 to 7 Rs :(

I am not using any package. Please help me if anybody using it and do tell me about GPRS packages for Ufone. In coming day i need to use eBuddy for hours. I thought that GPRS is cheap but this make this crazy. Thanks!


Here's my opinion: Get a zong sim and use their per hour package. (charges will depend on how long you chat).

I don't want or can't change sim. Please give suggestion only about Ufone :)

^check your data count for that period of time. (download+upload)

You have 6600 right ? Check if any other application is synchorizing with internet like antivirus bla bla,

And yeah try to change the application.

Switch to mig33 v2.

I don't have any application other than eBuddy which synchronizes with Internet. And i checked data counters everytime that was 50KB download and 20 or something upload when they cut off 7RS last time. :(

^then you should talk to helpline, and get confirmed what are they charging and on what basis. mean per KB or per 1/2 MB or any other base.

a year back when I was using GPRS on ufone postpaid then they also used charge on every session started(every time you connect or connection lost and re-established)

talk to them and confirm these things.

Okay! I just called Ufone helpline. I asked him about rates and i told me that for 64kbps they charge 0.94Rs plus tax. Actually they sent me some sms's for that information.

gprs ufone is so much expensice , try zong edge or gprs service , its gud...