Ufone, Dell inks an agreement

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Ufone, Dell inks an agreement

⋅ Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 ⋅

ISLAMABAD(SANA): Achieving yet another milestone in the telecom industry of Pakistan, Ufone signs an agreement here with world renowned computer company Dell to offer the latest Dell Vostro Notebook experience bundled with Ufone’s high speed EDGE USB device through Unitech, Dell’s authorized dealer in Pakistan.

This exclusive collaboration between Ufone and Dell will not only let Dell customers experience the power of its latest notebook series but also enjoy one month of free speedy internet access through a free Ufone EDGE USB device - supported by a state-of-the-art EDGE network available in all major metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

Upon purchase of any Dell Vostro Series Notebook from any Unitech authorized dealer in Pakistan, buyer gets a Dell/Ufone cobranded voucher which when shown at any of the 22 Ufone Customer Service Centers will be verified via the new PTA 789 SIM activation initiative and the customer can get a FREE Ufone EDGE USB with a prepaid SIM, 6 months free warranty and one month free mobile internet access. Ufone provides 24/7 support services for all its products.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Asher Yaqub Khan, Chief Marketing Officer Ufone, said “At Ufone, we have always worked with sheer commitment towards growth, reliability, innovation and customer satisfaction. This alliance with a leading computer company will enable us to provide high speed internet access to valued customers of Dell and Ufone – making sure they feel the absolute power of technology and communication.”

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Andreas Diantoro, the Regional Managing Director (South Asia/Developing Markets’ Group) of Dell, said “this cooperation between Dell and Ufone, will give freedom to our valued customers in accessing Internet connectivity anytime and anywhere. This powerful bundling will enhance productivity and give competitive to Dell users”.



Are you enticed by this offer?

High speed EDGE? ... Why are they calling it high-speed. how is 236k high speed when the broadband companies alliance just said 256k is the minimum speed for anything to be called 'broadband' (in otherwords high speed).

These companies are doing things that they were supposed to do in 2002.

Date check for you ufone. this is 2009. 3G please.

In Pakistan, 3g might be available in 2020!

3G will be available after next coup d'état :)