Ufone acting up?

Is Ufone acting up real bad on SMS these days ? Its happening not only with me but with my friends as well. All three of us are having serious SMS send/recieve problems. Sometimes SMS wont go ... other times they arent recieved.

It aint our cellphones either thats the problem!

^working fine here :)...I Need ufone to introduce a real unlimited gprs package or atleast 8GB Limit Packag....Then i will make the switch from zong :)

@ sir ahsan

Its also happening with me sometimes i get sms 12 hours later...i called help line for this issue and he said sory mam no such issue occurs....turn off delivery report...but stil i sometimes get sms 2 late....


8gb package will cost more than 2000rs if ufone launches it...

For 500 plus tax gprs package at least 2gb must be offered...

Zong haS very reasonable charges for 2gb package and ufone can never offer this

Zong's rate is reasonable, but its quality in most of the areas isn't. Gujranwala and Karachi people seem happy though. I believe that for Rs.500 there should be 4-5GB limit. WiMax operators offer 256kbps internet with 5GB limit for 650. That is what these Telecom's come to as well when the tax is included.

How come this topic went from Ufone service quality to the GPRS ?

@sir ahsan

When i have a doubt that im nt receiving msgs i send sms at my own number...

2 days b4 i wanted to unsub my daily sms package and till today it har not been unsubscribed..

Ufone's call centre info is 90 % wrong....

Last week i called thm for dial up number 2 connect internet thru pc via bluetooth...and he said mam it wil not work via bluetooth , use infrared or usb cable...and it worked via bluetooth..

They dont knw the real things...

^Try *99#

Just working fine here.. But i have one problem from a week that whenever electricity goes off my signals drops. But i still can send sms's but overall performance from before disturbs.

Well in my room I get low signals ... so if the service has gone bad now its bound to give me trouble.

I can SMS allllll i want in the day, but night time .. during 10-2 ... I get a lot of unsent SMS. And ive tried an HTC Touch, P990 and a Samsung Pixon!

Does any body know about ufone's uconnect?


please guide me , how can i use and activate this service?