UET Teacher faces Plagiarism Charges!

Sorry to UETians...but recently published that news also surprised me! Let s share it with u!

According to Dawn News...A case of plagiarism has been reported in the UET Lahore Campus...where a Senior Professor and Teaching Staff Association President has been accused of plagiarism 3 Research Papers and as many M.Sc these! :o

UET has a very good rating in Engineering Universities but news like these can disturb its image and ratings both nationally as well as internationally...!

Can you kindly provide the link?

I read that news in Dawn Newspaper of Monday 31st August! U can check that from there!

It's in the Lahore Metropolitan Pages


Some years back same charge was imposed on the senior faculty of PU and i think they were dismissed by PU as recommended by HEC!

Plagiarism is a crime , is there any law for Plagiarism in Pakistan ? i hope if the charges are proved against them they will be fined or something because UET is very renowned University of Pakistan .

I think still we have no law related to Plagiarism in Pakistan! They must be fined bcoz being Senior Faculty Members.........they should not indulge in such kind of activities!