"UDF" file system

i have downloaded a torrent which includes a iso image when i mount that to a drive it has no installation files it have only a read me file in which following massage appears

"This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system

that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification."

i am using windows xp professional sp 2 how can i resolve this problem is there and udf reader for xp?

give PowerISO, IsoBuster or ISO Magic a try.

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give PowerISO, IsoBuster or ISO Magic a try.

all of these are tried by me no one is working

Then try Daemon Tools. I know UDF is a virtual disk format. I'm just forgetting which specific one it is right now :(

i got power iso and magic iso.. and udf works like a charm..are you sure the file is downloaded porperly

i got power iso but its not working i think u have not understand my problem i have downloaded a software for e.g windows 7 from a torrent site it shows 7 or 8 foldeders and some file of setup now when i mount that to a virtual drive it shows that msg which i told u earlier or its in my first post,the folder is in txt format and open in notpad no other file or folder appearing there.

I don't know any solution for your problem. But is it possible that these files are for VMware, VirtualBox, QEMU, or Virtual PC?

Many people (like me) don't install Alpha, Beta directly on their PCs but actually test them in virtual environment. Which is safe to test.

you might be talking about Universal Disk Format UDF, yes it is ISO-13346 standardized. typically used to store files on DVD media in a platform-agnostic manner

you can use MagicISO to read it download a trial version from http://www.download3000.com/download_13204.html if you dont have one.

search google for other UDF Readers

and if you say it doesn't work. then probably your UDF image is not so good. may be corrupted.

Magic ISO Virtual Drive is freeware. The UDF creator is not. The former is a little hard to find on their website though

check it out..see if it helps