Ubuntu shipping information required

i have ordered a cd for installing the ubuntu,now there website shows my shipping status as that,1 cd request on 17-12-2008 and ,sent to shiiping company on 22-12-2008 now i want to know that how much it will take to reach me in karachi,n also plz post ur experiance on using it>

forget about it

about a month in my case...

4-6 weeks is very common. It took 6 weeks to get to me here in Canada.

here is my status

1 CDs requested on 2008-07-30. 1 CDs were approved and sent to the shipping company on 2008-08-03. Please note requests usually take from 4 to 6 weeks to deliver, depending on the country of shipping.

and its still not here!!

I would recommend you just ask a friend to download and burn it for you. Its just one CD, so it shouldn't be too big a problem.

i have been using ubuntu for 4 years , and every time i recieve it in lahore in jsut maximum of two weeks . Only first time it took 4 weeks . But now every time it comes with in 2 weeks.

Thats for sure

takes about 4 weeks to arrive for me

and Sah is right its probably better just to ask a friend to download it for you

any 1 know which courier company is used in this process ? like tcs dhl etc

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any 1 know which courier company id used in this process ? like tcs dhl etc

It would take about 3-5 weeks when I ordered a few from them (one at a time). Don’t know which company they used, they’d always just leave it with the guard downstairs.

The CD's are sent via normal mail, so it'll get to you through Pakistan Post.

Approx 6 weeks. I've ordered them like 4 times or so (upon the release of each distro).

Which one do you want? 8.10? I have that lingering somewhere here.

And I've never really collected the discs myself (as I'm usually away from the home whenever it comes) so can't help out on which courier, sorry... but it must be Pakistan Post (as per Sah)

2-4 weeks is the norm in Islamabad...

from where they send the cd i mean country?are they sent the cd from pk

Germany, if I can recall correctly. Otherwise, it's generally some European country.

One thing I'm confused at: if Canonical (the company that helps send you these free CDs) is British, why the heck do they have a South African telephone number? (I think it's Jo'burg... can't remember the area code they use... or maybe it's Durban....)

(Crap! I'm beginning to miss South Africa once again, and I have a blimmin' assignment to submit tomorrow)