Ubuntu Muslim Edition

The Ubuntu Muslim Edition team is proud to announce the release of UbuntuME 8.10. This release is only available as an installable DVD.


WebStrict (parental control tool) enabled by default (so as browsing the Internet is safe)

Zekr 0.7.1 (Quran study tool) installed and configured to play Quran recitations

Minbar and Firefox “Pray Times” addon installed

Monajat (display Islamic prayers)

Thwab (encyclopedia)

UbuntuME artworks: usplash, login screen, islamic wallpapers, theme etc.

Quran recitations provided by www.versebyversequran.com: Muhammad Siddeeq al-Minshawi (16kbps, 193 MB), Huzify (24 kbps, 322 MB), Sa’ad al-Ghamadi (40 kbps, 433 MB) and Mishary Rashed Alafasy (40 kbps, 508 MB)

Tons of useful softwares have been added on the DVD:

multimedia: libraries for reading DVDs, codecs, flash player, vlc etc.

Education: full suite of softwares for kids (kturtle, tuxmath, tuxpaint, gcompris etc.), stellarium, celestia etc.

Miscellaneous: scribux, inkscape, virtualbox, Adobe Reader, skype, ubuntu tweak, envyng, and a lot of utilities (compizconfig-settings-manager, nautilus-open-terminal, glipper, galternatives, startupmanager, pessulus etc.)

Arabic support: language-pack-ar, aspell-ar, acon, bicon

The full list of packages and their description is available here: www.ubuntume.com/contents

To get Ubuntu Muslim Edition 8.10: www.ubuntume.com/installation


It would be better to adding it as an upgrade package for the normal Ubuntu release.

No more distros please! There are already too many of them around.

This is ridiculous. It should be released as an add-on, not as whole distro.

There is nothing like a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist etc. Operating System. Operating System and computer softwares are generally religion neutral.

For God sake, keep religion out of general-purpose softwares and OS.

What is next? Muslim Shoes? Made with guidelines of Shria, with these shoes a Muslim can walk more easily, efficiently and without making noise as according to Shria. Blah! :P