Two Wireless Routers needed urgently. recommendation required so

Hello guys.

I am just in urgent, and cant make a decision right now. dont have time either.

just tomorrow earlier in the morning need to buy two routers.

I found this forum best fit for this thread. most of you here would have been using routers.

so please. here is what i need.

one needed to put after PTCL modem (I really dont know what is being used at the end. you guys know very well what they are supplying with their 512K package in lahore.)

and an other one will be put after wateen's CPEi600.

any brand....

any model

but not expensive. limit price for one is Rs.6000/- any increasing price would be compromised if you recommend to go for with good reasons.

most requiring thing is the best compatibility with modem/gateway mentioned above.

what I've seen is below, but please give your own recommendation if you have apart from these or one of these.

Wireless-N Home Router

Linksys Wireless-G VPN Router With RangeBooster.

Linksys Wireless Access Point Router W/ 4-Port Switch 802.11g.

thank you..


It is a wireless 4 port router.

^thanks Asad. Got WRT54G2.

I've been looking around for a WRT54G, but all the shops I've been to only have the 54G2 now.

WRT54G is a series of models but not a single one. and now G2 is the latest in market in this series.

any ways.

I have now another thread with some other issue regarding to access CPE behind this router

I want to put the the related link here