TW1 & SMW4 Internet STM-1 Cost?


Does anyone know the current cost for


E3 or

STM-1 nowadays from PTCL and anyone working at an ISP care to comment or PM?

last i checked 2-3 yrs ago an E1 from TWA was around $300.

Now that PTA has ended PTCL's Internet bandwidth monopoly i think PTCL may decrease STM-1 price further for ISPs.

E1 costs hovers around $180-$500, but more realistically around the $200-$250 mark. Worldcall's E1 rate is US$ 240/Mbps. Others are usually much more accommodating.

E3 - No idea as to what that is going for these days.

STM-1 has come down to the $18,000-$20,000 range now. Depending how on how well you talk/convince others, you can buy transit as low as $ 12,000 even.

PTCL's Internet Bandwidth monopoly ended quite a few years ago, when essentially TWA went into operations. Bandwidth prices will continually keep coming down, the question is - about how Service Providers will continue to make money of it - just as bandwidth prices decreases, so does the accumulated revenue figures for ISPs (not always in proportional to costs).

Thx for the bit of info Faisal sb.

nowadays most ppl seem content with 1Mbps broadband, however local routing between ISPs is still awful. Even trying to transfer files/video chat between PTCL users in Lhr and Khi is far from satisfactory. I get better speeds transferring files to my brother in Canada then i do to my cuz in Khi.

I guess what we really need is some kickass Pakistani websites/content - hosted at a Pakistani Datacenter/server to attract more ppl towards Broadband in Pakistan. Something like youtube for pakistan.