TV Tuners

So which is best TV device available today?

I've used MSI and i think this good T.V tuner card for PCs as my experience and MSI have few models for professionals also

terabite,,can u tell me what steps you use to search for channels,,because mine is searching for the channels but not storing them,,

so i have to search for channels manualy

There is both options for search channels but PixelView only do auto search at first and after that you have to do mannually set channels of your choice and edit name of your own chocie.PixelView automatically store them at first search anyway here what i do for search channels

First go to the properties >

select Device icon > select TV Capute Card WDM Vedeo Capture for Device >

Choose Source you want to caputure in Source Icon"select TV"(Composite does'nt work)

Audio Input

Source : Line In

Now go to the TV icon:

Tuner > Input > Your choice ( Cable or Antena ) select one

Country of Region > Pakistan

Click Aplly

And finally go to the Channel icon

There is Auto scan button on up right corner

Click Auto scan and u go

after scan finish you able to edit channel,fine tune of channels and unmark unwanted channels,rename and lock.

Hope these instructions work for you

thnks terabite

u know i had a pixelview older card with bt878p+ chipset (play tv pro),, that card automatically fine tuned all the channels for me, i just had to name them,,,,but this card play tv pro 3, i have to fine every channel which takes up time..

i will try your mehtod,,lets see what happens


My card plays with InterVideo WinDVR with Philips Chipset

anyway there must be software help document to deal with it in software CD.

very little info is there i think i will try it with another software like chris tv and see what happens

My External TV tuner card gives out a very loud electrical sound at background on every channel as well as my PC audio, like playing an mp3.

Does all the External tv tuners have this same problem? I am using Worldcall cable and in Lahore.

Can you guys recommend me a TV tuner which will not degrade the sound and video signals while it is being channeled through it?


^are you saying your external card is noisy AND also its noisy when you play mp3. if so, it seems like a problem with your headphones/speakers or with sound card if you connect your tv tuner through it.