TV Tuner question

Hello. I have read both the threads about the tv tuners on this forum, but none of them answer my question clearly.

Is there a external TV tuner which does not degrade the signals while they pass through it?

Does the 2500/= rupee versions with LCD have that feature.

I mean does the EAX signals get degraded or disappear while it channels through a external TV tuner card?

Does the Internal TV tuners have this or other related problem as well?


maybe its just me but i dont understand your question entirely, if you are saying you wanna get High Definition reception on lets say 2500Rs external tv tuner then yes you can although i am not sure about the exact price but their are tv tuners which supports high resolutions as compared to the standard 480p reception in our standard TV. HOWEVER, you need to have HD source to by which i mean the cable operator must have HD broadcasting otherwise all your LCD and TV tuner will just be as simple card and CRT monitor.

Now lets talk about satellite. If you have satellite dish receiving HD channels and that dish is 1st connected to a receiver and then that receiver is connected to this external TV tuner box (as it called) then you can receive HD reception too. Alternatively there is a PCI DVB card available in all major cities for less than 4500Rs which requires no receiver and you can watch all the channels just like you watch on internal tv tuner card but the difference is that you will have satellite instead of cable/antenna.

There is no degradation in nice tv tuner card whether internal or external compared to standard TV reception and Remember you need to have a High Definition source to receive High Definition channels regardless of your equipment.

and you can check out this forum which is well dedicated to satellite and cable etc etc of Pakistan

I mean when we are playing a game on PC with EAX, and the cables are going through a external TV tuner, than will the sound quality or video quality be affected. It certainly was affected on my cheap external TV tuner, which i have abandoned.

My question is that does the LCD version external TV tuner have this same problem or not?

I am also interested in buying an internal TV Tuner card for my PC. I have come to know that high voltage from the cable wire can damage the motherboard of the PC. Is it true statement or not. If it is true then what type of Internal TV Tuner card i should buy.

Please also explain that what feature of good internal TV Tuner card can save our beloved motherboard from dangerous effects of the high voltage coming from the Cable TV wire.

I am waiting for the answer of my question as many guys hesitate in buying the internal TV Tuner card due this threat of high voltage current some times flow into the ordinary Cable TV wires.

I have the same fear as well. My external TV tuner gives out lot of noise on my A4 Teach ear phones, but the noise if filtered by bigger headphones.