Tutorials Site Redesigned

I redesigned my tutorials site. Please let me know what you think, would love some feedback. I am also looking into adding something like a new section to the site, suggestions would be nice.


Those of you who are stumblers, or use other bookmark sites, please bookmark it if you like it, or any of the content on the site as well. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

nice design very light , elegent and catchy i love the whole website ,

Thank you Xain :)

Material is no doubt good. But site is too rushy. Google ads, Bookmarks popups and every where advertisement bla bla bla. Right site is totally wasted.

Did u designed yourself or its any open source Content Management system.

Good try I really like this type of sites.

Thats how it is on most tutorial sites that want to stay alive enough to earn their hosting costs :)

The design is my own. I am going to be adding a resources section hopefully.. It will cover a lot of space on the right side later on. Its not really wasted, you wouldnt believe the amount of people that go for the RSS feeds located there.

The Tutorial Management System, can be found at TutorialMs.com. You will find me as an admin in their forum, there's one other guy who's from Germany working with me on this project. You can check it out if you are interested, but I assure you its not an easy job building a successful tutorial site, and theres a lot of competition out there.

Also, on this note.. I am looking for people to help me populate the forum and get the users that randomly come in and join, to talk or anything else they can think of that would help. I can offer you moderator status, but you must have a little know-how about graphics or web design. If possible and willing you may share by writing or submitting a few tutorials you find useful, otherwise its not a requirement.

If someone here is good at SEO I'd really appreciate some help to see if my site is optimized properly. I get about 150-200 visitors from google a day but I think there should be more, I've had more in the past..