Turning off computer


Is there any program to turn off the computer at a specific time automatically. Like I leave the computer at 11pm and I want it turn itself off at 4am shutting down all programs itself. I can't do it myself because I'm asleep and I dont want it to run unneccesarily.


I don't know of any specific programs, but you can use shutdown in the Command Prompt.

Start > Run > cmd

shutdown -f -s -t 18000

-f means it will force all applications shut; -s meants shutdown; -t 18000 is time 5 hours.

To abort the shutdown after its been scheduled

shutdown -a


i have an application named toff. man its the best i have used. its small and its free. been using like for monthsssssssssssssssssssssss....... i dont remember myself turing my computer off from like quite a few months. HIBERNATING IS THE WAY TO GO!!! yes. i used to put the downloads on and used to see how much hours will it take it to complete then i used to set the time in toff for hibernation or before the light goes out. just great.


Use the Windows Task Scheduler. Execute the command for shutdown and give it the time you want your PC to shutdown.


there is this freeware "Shutdown Scheduler" which i use as my pc to turns on when electricity is resumed at 8 AM. But i need it to shutdown again before 11 which is again loadshedding time. Dont want to miss downloading things by wasting 3 hours :)



^so it automatically resumes your downloads.....


shutting down is not a problem...just google it and you will find many options...

in some motherboards you also have the option to automatically turn on your machine at a specific time...I use that to ensure my office PC is on when I arrive at work :)


use a shutdown scheduler to turn off computer just before electricity blows out

then change a setting in the bios that tells the pc what to do when power resumes. It default is to 'stay off' u can put it into an 'on' state when power resumes. That way u can keep from having the pc go off every time power goes