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Hi, i have a blog on its about latest sms collection. so my question is last night my blog went down nd i messed up ma posts. now im planing to transfer my blog to a personal host.... so kindly guide me how can i transfer my complete blog to a personal domain. i dont know much about designing. so kindly tel me the easiest way to transfer my blog completely with all posts and template. and what program to use.




try visiting

it is nice website to visit before initiating such adventures.


thanks for the reply dude, but it dint help. i want to transfer my blog to personall domain like not on wordpress. thanks


well, you can try purchasing the domain you want from google ... go to blogger dashboard, goto Settings -->> Publishing there you have the option to switch to custom domain... you will have your domain and still post through blogspot.


you need a hosting and domain (usually almost every host offer free domain along with hosting package)

u can get hosting from , ,

Take ur blogspot free blog backup and export. Then upload blogspot or wordpress plateform at ur new server (host).

Import ur old blog file (backup file)

If need more help drop me pm or e-mail. via this forum


Get it before some one hit on it





Best of luck

by the way i'll suggest you that don't try to touch with any messaging website. income rate is too low and also the competition is too high, Hard to get the good traffic,

if you are just going with it for fun, then best of luck :)