TP-LINK and Port Forwarding?


I use Shiro modem and uTorrent. I have added port forward rule in my modem and my torrents work fine.

But after attaching TP-LINK wireless router , my uTorrent port is not forwarded any more. I have followed this guide to set up my router

and have set WAN Connection Type to 'Dynamic IP' ( according to above guide )

After that I followed this guide to do port forward in TP Link

My DSL modem is on and TP Link on . In above TP Link port forward, I have given IP .

But its not working , can u guyz please correct me where I am doing wrong ?


yeah i also need assistance on how to forward the port of TP-Link on my Huawei modem so tht my shared internet over WLAN can have forwarded port for utorrent downloadings!

Guyz ... need help here...... !!!

any one can plz guide me here to how to resolve this issue ?

thanks :)