Torrentleech Sucked!

hello Respected Members ,

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TorrentLeech is open for signup

Now many people got registered there but before registration they want people to register at online game site and get an activation code from there and then get invite from the IRC, now today what happened is that people who all got registered from that invites give away , all of the accounts are deleted , yes all people who got registered from that invites give away got deleted....

and the explanation torrentleech is giving is foloowing :

[13:05] anyone whos account has gone invited with in the last 3 days or so your account was deleted as the owner did not know about this give away. We Are sorry but there isnt anything that can be done. If you paid for VIP you will be refunded

[13:06] if you paid for VIP, email proof of payment to and they will sort it out.

since members who aren't aware about account deletion they attempted to login for more than 6 times and their IP got banned...

(This is the torrentleech the very best scene of the web )