Faisalabad to lahore on da day before eid sum years bak.. ha nd my eyes were burning on the eid day :D




Around 58KM in 47 minutes on a Cd70, with my mother sitting behind :). I had one hell of a dirt-filled face and hair afterwards, but it was one hell of an experience as well.


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Oh my God! You took lead from me ( if you are not lying).

I have never travel more than 112 KM in one day and possibly I would never travel again such a long journey on motor bike as that day when I did it, my eyes were filled with dust and my shirt was just like I have rolled on the mud.


Infact it wasnt a full non-stop journey my cuzin had to stop by some factories where he had to collect sum dues… so it took we reached at our place in lahore at about isha prayers… nd we had left faisalabad sumtime near 10-11am…Due to the intense in-city traffic of lahore cuz it was eid it took us more time…


From a remote Jhelum village to a remote village of Sarai-e-Alamgir to visit hakeem sahab. I took my father with me on Honda CG125. It must be a total 50 or 60 kms journey.

And the worst thing was bike got punctured after getting out of hakeem sahabs clinic. Thanks God a shop was open and I got my wheel repaired.

Don't remember about the time. As "abba hazoor" was sitting back, so it must be a cool relax journey.


has any one every used Hi octane petrol in bikes to get more fuel efficiency in longer rides?


^ I used it a couple of times, but not for fuel efficiency. I just wanted to see how much more power it will give to the engine. And it definitely wasn't more efficient in mileage than normal petrol (Contrary to this actually)


^Did you feel any significant affect on power?


You guys should wear a bio-hazard suit when driving a motor bike then all the dust will stay out :D of course dont blame it on me if you give a tulla a heart attack :lol:


From Multan to Fort Munroe and back in a single day on a CG125. We stopped in between for breakfast (on the way) and dinner (on the way back). I know for sure DGK is 100km from Multan, but how far is Fort Munroe from DGK, don't remember. But it was fun.

It was in 90s BTW.


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^Did you feel any significant affect on power?

Yeah definitely. Not that much, but it was noticeable. The top speed increased ~5Km/h. It should be more significant on CG125

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but how far is Fort Munroe from DGK, don’t remember. But it was fun.

It was in 90s BTW.


176km according to Google maps. It must have been hell of a trip. I always wished I could take a tour of some mountains on a 125.


Gujranwala to Islamabad and back to home Total ride Nearly (650 KM) Duration: 24 hours (Including 6 hours stay)

Starting point: Gujranwala (Ghakhar)

Route: Gujranwala-Daska-Wazirabad-Gujrat(via Chaneb river old bridge) and then straight on the G.T road to Islamabad

End point: (peer sohawa Islamabad)

Bike: Honda 125CG

Fuel: 20 Liters

Feelings at the end of the ride: felt like i've Hemorrhoids


my bro came from lahore to multan on CG-125 Deluxe nearly 310 kms ...and stopped 2 times..






I've traveled sialkot to wazirabad via Daksa. Wazirabad is near 50-60kms from sialkot but it via daska it makes the way near three times. And those were days when wazirabad road was under construction, oh GOD there was Dust ,a hell of dust! it was tiring. I was a Brown colored when i got there. It was a tiring trip and didn't had the stamina to drive back, so booked my bike via train to sialkot for return trip and came home chiik chiik chiik gwooooooonnnnnnkkkkkkkk!!!!!!


by the way anyone have plan to ride on bike to Lake Saiful Muluk ?


No long journeys on cycles ? :rolleyes: