Top Speed of Your Seedbox


I was Just wondering to see the speed Result of my seedbox

if You guys have Seed box, share the screen shoot

and here is thee Speed test Result


for Surety that speed test result are mine , here is the result to lahore server


which seedbox u have ?

can u give me some details about it on my email ? as i am interested in buying a seedbox but dont have enough knowledge about it . PLease let me know from where u bought it , its price and any other things , mode of payment also.

my email is abrarnaeem85 @

Tell over here don't email him so that I can read it too :D


the above server stats was from my dedicated server at (45 GBP) i pay them via UBL Wiz (Debit Card ) ,

i am able to install and use it Via Linux VNC and Utorrent via WINE

because if i go for windows another 10-15 gbp costs me .

i dont have any server right now so i cant provide services you to guys