Too many TIME WAIT connections :S

Im using DD-WRT with linksys wrt54g2, I can see that my pc is making too many TIME WAIT connections...

The maximum ip filter ports are 512 which are more than enough, even if 4 people are using net, but the thing is my PC makes like 40-80 TIME WAIT connections

May be this is because I have changed the Half open connection limit to 100, for better torrents...

but i guess these so many TIME WAIT connection from my PC to Router are useless, and just use up the maximum IP filter ports

I want to know what actually is making these TIME WAIT connections, and their purpose. Though I dont think that they effect speed or browsing experience in any way, but still I dont like so many of them

another confusing thing is I can only see very few TIME WAIT connections, by doing netstat -a, but in router management GUI it shows too many of them

Cant Understand What you mean to say

^ in DDWRT there is an option to set the time after which it kills a idle connection set that time to something low say 30 secs or so and you wont get those time wait connections

^^ Couldn't do that because I do online gaming, if host lags, or I lag then I would lagout, if it kills an idle connection, and usually game allow 1min and 30 additional secs

well after googling I understood the whole scene....TIME_WAIT connections are not my enemy windows creates them and utilizes them for making new connections

and I saw that my linksys wrt54g2 can easily handle a lot more connections, and it depends on a router's RAM that how much connections it can handle. For my router it can handle upto 4096 connections, so I increased the Maximum Connection Limit from 512 to 2048

no problem now :D Still being on the safe side, not wasting RAM and keeping the RAM reserved for connections to a reasonable amount