To everyone with access to PayPal account


I need a favour from anyone who has access to PayPal account in Pakistan. I will pay the transaction amount beforehand. I have invested 10 hours daily dedication for two months in something, which will go to trash if I dont get this transaction done. Please mail me if you are willing to help.


You can try emailing SECC from the board. Or isharis (indirect source though). Do they only accept Paypal? Chances are, they might accept credit cards too via Paypal.


Talked to SECC already, but he excused as he cant do it at the moment. ishari has paypal account as well?


They accept Credit Cards Processed via paypal, But as Pakistan cant be selected in the billing details, the address verification wont get passed :(


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Talked to SECC already, but he excused as he cant do it at the moment. ishari has paypal account as well?

Must be a genuine reason otherwise he doesn’t normally shy away from helping


If the company from whom you have to buy the item from has an upgraded paypal account, they can accept all sort of credit cards of even those who aren't registered paypal users. AFAIK, they accept credit cards from all countries using that way. I may be wrong though.

isharis has friends who have paypal account so he might be able to help.


Are you in Pakistan or abroad? My bro (paris, france) may be able to help but if you can send him the money...

Do let me know if you want me to talk to him please :)



^No I Didn't! I can't believe you are spending money on a frikkin online game :P


^ Well I am willing to pay as I just love this game, the unpredictability, the connections and communications with people, the tactics and strategy, the politics and diplomacy, the addiction and fun, and all of this so dynamic as its with real people :)


Woah! was just kidding!


well if you like this game so much, would you mind sharing its name with us?

>>sorry that my bro thing couldn't be worked out :)


Luckily I got it upgraded for 1 year after all :) .


Yeah sure I can share it, since now I don't have to worry about someone from Warid's EDGE trying it and getting my account suspended :)

There are 5 servers, and Epsilon is the newest one. Though its not a game for everyone, and most people will quit in a few days, though if you are serious, then I'll be glad to help.